Hercules Tournament Poker Bot

Hercules is premiere mid-large field tournament poker bot. This was originally designed to play on the Shanky poker bot platform, but has been since converted to play on the more advanced OpenHoldem platform. Enjoy this throw back bot as it still crushes the competition!

Purchase includes: Hercules Poker Bot for up to 3 computers + all our supported Table Maps.


Hercules Tournament Poker Bot Results
Hercules Tournament Poker Bot Results
Hercules Tournament Poker Bot Results
Hercules Tournament Poker Bot Results

Plays on the following poker rooms:

  • 888Poker
  • AmericasCardRoom
  • Blackchip Poker
  • PokerKing
  • BetOnline
  • TigerGaming
  • CoinPoker
  • Global Poker
  • Bwin
  • Bodog
  • Ignition
  • Carbon
  • PartyPoker
  • Winamax
  • IPoker

Hercules plays an extremely smart small ball approach. It starts with big betting in the early stages to gather a good chip stack. It uses the Dan Harrington “M-Zone” Push/Fold strategy and calculates exact M-Zone stages to make the correct shove. This poker bot makes very intelligent bluffs, steals pots and blinds with high percentages, plays implied odds and set mines in the early stages and tends to steal pots and make good calls when opponents are all-in based on their stack-size, you’re stack-size, and their range of pushing hands. In the mid to late stages it begins to switch gears and takes intelligent stealing opportunities. Hercules also pushes using the same information making it in the lead on most showdowns. This is an excellent poker bot which a member took 1st in the FT Daily Double, and has recorded many other very successful prizes.

All in one Cash/MTT/Sng Hopper

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