LAT – Log Analyzer Tool

Shanky poker bot tool for gathering log information and tweaking profiles

All logged data is now available for statistical analysis.

The more hands that are read in – the better the quality of  results to identify weak and strong lines.

With this Data you should come to question yourself:
Was there sufficient Data collected? – Are the Results Tendencies obvious?
If so, change the Line (within your TextEditor) – revise the call to fold / change the Handrange for this Line, increase Betsize, and so on …

Supported Profile Types:
LAT is only for  .TXT Profiles –  to say it clear: .ppl Files NOT possible to analyse.

What is LAT used for?

Basically LAT displays and prepares statistical data from your log files in an easy to read User Interface
so that you can identify the profiles weaknesses and strengths quickly and effectively.

LAT can help you a lot to improve the Performance of your Profile with little changes on those Lines which LAT identifies as weak lines.

LAT is a Quality Control for your Profile. Think of always loosing on the same line and you don’t realize this – which can be expensive. Let your bots play at night – and then check the logs on the next day.

LAT works with cash games and profiles currently.

LAT will collect Thousands of played hands and display their results with a built in factor and indicator to help you determine if that line in the code needs adjusting.
If you think of buying LAT later – dont throw away profile logs – they can be worth much! Start collecting and sorting now instead.

Personally, before LAT I used to note down every time the bot or better the profile made stupid or questionable decisions.
Collecting these notes in a sheet is easy, but there is no guarantee that I noted every remarkable move, especially near to the final table.
Also, good decisions were not so much included into those notes. But its also neccessary to complete the picture of Profile Lines.

Shanky Poker Bot Log Analyzer Tool


Great cash strategy!
Just want to say wow! Really appreicate the time spent helping set this up. Over the past 2 weeks I have watched the play of this software, and OMG it treats the opponents like babies! Can't say ty enough!!