Zeus Omaha PLO4 Poker Bot

6-Max PLO Cash

Designed to use poker site population tendencies, which allows this 6 max poker bot to maintain its advantage against online poker players

Omaha Poker Bot
  • Omaha poker bot for 6 max (Ring) Tables
  • Uses strategies and charts from well known websites
  • Automatically detects type of table and implements the correct strategy
Zeus is a PLO4 6 max Omaha poker bot that plays cash games, with a professional approach.  It measures SPR, effective stacks, and player balances to determine the best move.

When combined with PokerTracker 4, this poker bot has a distinct advantage on exploiting different types of players.

– Steals when against tight vpip/3bet blinds
– Uses fold to 3bet stat to squeeze in the blinds against late loose raisers
– 3bets light against frequent steals
– Cbets when profitable using stats like fold to flop cbet and fold to turn cbet
– Calls down river bets when opponents went to showdown/won at showdown is poor.
– And lots more!

Poker Site Network Risk
CoinPoker CoinPoker Low
GGPoker GGNetwork High
Natural8 GGNetwork High
Global Poker Global Low
Bodog Bodog Low
Bovada Bodog Low
Ignition Bodog Low
888Poker/es 888Poker High

Low Risk Level = Safe – No Stealh Required but Recommended

Medium Risk Level = Basic Stealth Required

High Risk Level = 2 System Stealth Required