Pegasus Poker Bot

3-Max Jackpot (Spins)

Jackpot 3 player sit n gos (Spin and Gos) by using a correct push/fold algorithm and takes advantage of the long term equity the fish provide.

Jackpot Sit n Go poker bot
  • 3-Max Jackpot/Spins Sit & Go Poker Bot
  • Automatically detects the table type and applies the correct strategy
Pegasus uses multiple statistics (preflop, flop, turn, and river) from PokerTracker 4 with a very high precision, therefore, it adapts to each opponent, whether in cash game or tournaments.
This poker bot plays micro stakes 3 max Jackpot/Spins sit n gos (300/500 chips). It uses ICM (Independent chip model) and is also is coded with unique push/fold and expected value algorithms to help gain the highest equity.

Advanced Features using Poker Tracker 4

– Steals when against tight vpip/3bet blinds
– Uses fold to 3bet stat to squeeze in the blinds against late loose raisers
– 3bets light against frequent steals
– Cbets when profitable using stats like fold to flop cbet and fold to turn cbet
– Calls down river bets when opponents went to showdown/won at showdown is poor.
– And lots more!

Best on the market
This bot started out a little on the not so good side. After a few tweaks to the program, and some review, and collaboration. I think... I know this is a winning poker bot for sure. I am very excited moving forward with this product and crushing the cash tables. Also the upper management is by far the most well rounded and professional in this market in my opinion. Keep up the good work guys! Thank You!