Poker Bot Guide

The purpose of this poker guide is to help you understand how to use our poker bots in real money Texas Hold’em games. We help with choosing the best poker tables, using proper bankroll management, and using a hopper. Hydra is an advanced Hold’em Poker bot. Our poker bots play the game for you. A lot of people come to our site, who are new to poker bots. Some people who are new to poker and its rules. This guide will help you get started and start crushing the online poker world!

  • Proper Game Selection

  • Professional Installation

  • Choosing a Poker Bot

  • Advantages of Hydra

  • Managing your Bankroll

  • Features of Hydra

Which Games to Play

One of the most important ways to success is choosing the correct game type! Each bot will be specific, but here is a basic breakdown of what to look for.

When using a tournament poker bot like Abaddon, game selection is important. Select games with regular to deep starting stacks (50+big blinds) and non turbo. Make sure to select non re buy games as well.

Select games with regular to deep starting stacks when using sng poker bots like Poseidon.

Cash game poker bot table selection should be (6 Max) for Medusa and Ares. Buy in for 100+ big blinds. Using a hopper can help select the best and most profitable tables.

Cash Games

poker bot cash games

Cash games are the best for earning rakeback and bonuses as it generates the most rake.  Hydra can play short-handed tables (6 max) or full-ring tables (9 or 10 max).   Medusa is designed for 6 max games.  In 6 max cash games, the variance can be higher, aggression and VPIP tend to be higher, and you will see far more hands generating much more rake.  Werewolf (coming soon) is designed for 9 max games.  In 9 max cash games,  you will see a variety of different styles of play.  There will be rocks (Ultra tight players), Tags (Tight aggressive players), Lags (Loose aggressive players), etc.  We design all our poker bots to use Poker Tracker 4 to get stats on opponents, and adjust the play accordingly.

Always start to play on micro limits (NL2 – NL10) if you are new to botting and move your way up once you start reaching the bankroll required (check our bankroll guide below).

Multi Table Tournaments

poker bot tournament games

If you you are looking to get big payouts with little investment, then we suggest playing large field tournaments. These games consist of multiple opponents, with multiple tables, where about 10% of the field is paid out. Tournaments have low rake and can yield very high payouts. They do take the most time to complete, but we consider them the best starting point for newbies in the poker botting world. Always make sure your follow proper bankroll management (scroll down for the guide) when selecting games to play. Also stick with non turbo, non rebuy tournaments as our bot plays best on those and variance is lower. We currently have 2 poker bots designed for these types of games, Abaddon and Odin.

Sit and go

poker bot sit n go games

A sit and go tournament is a poker game with usually 2 to 10 players which takes between 20 and 60 minutes. Payout is typically between 2 and 3 players, although there are double or nothing sngs that pay half the field, double the investment. Sitngos come in a variety of forms, and choosing the correct type for the profile you are using is critical for success. To name a few of these types: Double or Nothing, Turbo, Spin and Win, Hyper Turbo and Standard.Hydra caters to different types of sngs using the Independent Chip Model (icm) with poker bots such as: Poseidon, Athena (6 Max Sit n go), and Orthrus (10 man Double or Nothing). Please be sure to select the correct profile with the correct sng.

What is a Hopper?

A hopper is a loader or table opener. It is used to automate all poker bot functions. Set options to choose what kind of game types you want to play. Select how many games you want to play total. Sit back and know that the hopper is doing everything for you.

Features include:

  • Selecting “soft” games (games with fish/less skilled players) instead of more difficult games
  • Scheduling game play to play at certain hours of the day for up to a month worth of programming
  • Logs you in and out of your online poker room software automatically
  • Sends game results to your email
  • When your stack size grows to a defined threshold, the hopper will sit you out of the game or close the table for you.
  • and much more..

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Following this guide is crucial to profit success

Game Type Minimum Bankroll Medium Bankroll Proper Bankroll
6 Max Cash Game 50 buy-ins 75 buy-ins 100 buy-ins
Full Ring Cash Game 50 buy-ins 75 buy-ins 100 buy-ins
9-10 Player Sitngo 50 buy-ins 75 buy-ins 100 buy-ins
45 Player Sitngo 50 buy-ins 100 buy-ins 150 buy-ins
180 Player Sitngo 100 buy-ins 200 buy-ins 500 buy-ins
Multi-Table Tournaments 100 buy-ins 150 buy-ins 200 buy-ins