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Athena Update 3-21-18

Updated Athena to be used with the latest bot.
Uninstall your current version then download from your My Account page and install

Is there any reason why auto starter is not chosen by default on install of all bots? In my opinion most of people use it or am i wrong? Every time i update something i forgot to choose this option and some tables open without at first sometimes, until i check that oh not enough bots open. New users often do not know that option and even ask from forum how to automate opening.

Most users do not use this option as it is not needed

Why its not needed? Theres another solution for that or they just open themselves required number of bots and tables?
If an error occurs and bot stops working, then thats the only thing that helps to open new bot, or am I wrong?

Yes they just open the required amount of bots
But doing it your way is completely fine as well

I like the autostarter- but it does use up more resources. It always open one more bot then is playing- which can use a few percent of CPU even when not attached to a table. I sometimes use it when I play a lot of tables with no issues- like coinpoker- but on ACR where my computer run 70-99 % after so many tables it's not worth it. I would keep it the way it is- it's not hard to set either way.