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Multi Table

Poker Room: ACR
Profile: Abaddon
Issue: When multi tabling I am not able to resize the poker room. I registered to 3 tournaments. 1 SNG and 2 MTT. I tried to tile and have them all visible but the bot does not pick it up. I do have 3 Abaddon clients opened up but the issue is it shows as if they all read the same table, but the name on the Abaddon client is all different?

The table size has to be set to default in order for the bot to read the information on the table properly and connect to them

It still didn't work.

Also I'm on VM Windows 7 works fine with just 1 table but if it's more than 1 it glitches out

That odd
I would need to see what is going on your end visually as I have not heard of this report before

Sometime tomorrow or this weekend I'll email you and we'll coordinate. Thank you much