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Altering ICM

Hopefully this is a good place in the forum for this question. I noticed a few other people on the forum mention changing the ICM info in the bot (for tourney bots, I have Kraken), as by default it makes decisions based on winner takes all (payout all goes to first place). Most SNGs payout 50/30/20, and MTTs are even more complicated. I would be a lot of work to try to set it up for each MTT, but it shouldn't be that hard to change it to an SNG payout, and would probably improve things overall. I found the section in the bot to change this, but I just want to make sure I do it right. So, right now it has first place as 1.00, so would I just change it to 0.50, then add 0.30 and 0.20 to the first line of 2nd and 3rd place? Are the leading zeros necessary? Do I need to put anything else, or just the numbers? Once I add that info and save it, how can I test the profile and make sure it doesn't mess something up?

You did it correct yes