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New Coinpoker Maps

Since the update that includes the new table images, the bot is not recognizing the tables. Are you working on updated tablemaps that utilize one of the new table image options? I made the mistake of opening the visual settings page after updating the app, and so now I am forced to use one of the new community table images. Is there any other fix/workaround for this?

I dont know of a workaround for this other than reinstalling the app
I was not aware of new table images for Coin Poker
Ill take a look at it this weekend

yes, they had an update that included "community" table images. If you make the mistake of going into the visual settings after the update you are stuck with one of these new tables and the bot no longer sees anything. I guess in the meantime I can try reinstalling coinpoker.

Yeah cause I just checked the Visual settings and its working fine on my end with the latest maps in the repo

It doesn't work for me at all using the setting in Webbers post. It doesn't even recognize the table for me.

I was able to get it working by using an old table from the gfx folder in the old version of coinpoker. See my thread in helps and bugs labeled coinpoker themes.

Webber does your table look like this when it's playing or like the tables used to?

By the way- I found a much easier solution then the one described in that thread-

1- Open coinpoker- let it do whatever updates it needs to
2. Open coinpoker gfx folder- delete coinpoker themes folder in gfx. I cant remember exactly what its called but it should be a folder inside gfx where the new themes are stored. you'll see it. delete it.
3. locate the file table_poker and replace it with table_poker from the previous version

Should work. The table should look exactly like it used to. Let me know if you have any trouble Christopher

I am going to try and attach the file.

Thanks for the reply. What I did was I just deleted the app, reinstalled, and never went into the visual settings page within the app after it updated. Without going in there it does not default to the new tables, it still uses the old plain grey one! The bot sees it and works fine. You can still go to the other settings page and to set things like auto muck losing hands and whatnot, just don't go into the visual settings!