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Final table popup "deal making possible"


I need help for closing a popup.

I did a tablemap for a special network, everything work find, but I didn t manage to find a way to close the popoup !
when we reach the final table we got a "deal making is available" with a ok button to click.
The popup never go away and it s impossible tu click the usual button without closing it

Problem, with openscrape, when I connect to the table, I didn t get the popup, even if I refresh or use the "next frame button"

then, how should I deal whith the i86x (ok to design the button, but for the "state" ? what should I use hash somewhere else on the table ? really didn t find any idea

thx for the help !

The only way I deal with popups that dont show up with OpenScrape is using a hopper or an external autoit script


The option kill popup of OH in preference actually do the job for me, but It s a little too much 🙂 it want to close everything I open after !
for the moment I disable it when I am still active and then before going to sleep I activate it.
I ll discuss with you for the hopper soonish 🙂