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Privacy policy

We take your privacy very seriously at   Actually that was my first concern when I bought my first bot.   Will you sell my data to poker bot companies or anyone else for that matter?   It almost scared me out of a purchase, and what a mistake that would of been!  Anyway, we absolutely do not give your information to anyone that we would feel would not benefit you in anyway, even if remotely.   Actually currently as of 7/25/2017 when this was written, we do not give any information to anyone at all that we collect.    We do want to leave the doors open though for possibly sharing your data at some point share your information with partners that may bring more value to your poker botting experience, but we promise to be stringent on who contacts you and that your data is in good hands.

Now for the more technical information:

Scripts4HE of Colarado, owner of the Hydra Trademark and collects the following information:

  • Cookies
    • Used for all different site features such as user accounts, as well as tracking your return to our website.   We also use cookies for collecting marketing data to determine how we are doing and to best sell our poker bots.
  • User Information and Email addresses
    • We collect your information for marketing purposes which may or may not be used with our partners and affiliates.    We absolutely will not sell your information to Poker Sites or Poker Networks.    We are botters too, and we get it 🙂
  • Credit Card or other Account Information
    • Although we do not personally collect your transactional data, our payment gateways (such as Paypal), following PCI Compliant standards, may store your credit card information for your trials or subscriptions of our product.    You can cancel at anytime and we assure you that they put the strictest standards to keeping that data safe.

If you wish to opt out of data collection in any of the forms listed above, we provide an anonymous track as well to using our products.    Just send us an anonymous email at with the subject line “Looking for an anonymous purchase” and we will give you information on how to send us money via a cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin which can be done anonymously.    Also please contact us if you would like us to remove you from any of our databases or records if you think you might be in them.   We would be happy to comply.  You can also delete your cookies stored on your computer and disable them for extra privacy.

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