Why Poker Botting: Webber’s Perspective

I would like to start a discussion on why I believe poker bots are crucial to today’s poker society.  Online poker has changed the way poker is played, and has made the game move much faster than it has before.  Players have moved from playing 1-2 tables at a time to as many as 20-30.  Decisions are made at a much quicker level.  Not only is the game faster, but the opponents have gained a vast amount of knowledge making it vital to play more games at a time.  In order to maximize gains at the table, its no longer 1 or 2 games that is going to deal with the statistical probability of beating your competition.   Instead, you need to play 100’s of games in order to maximize your return on investment and balance the variance that occurs.   With botting 100’s of games gives you the possibility of dealing with your player’s weaknesses: tilt, fatigue, and inconsistency.  Between overcoming variance and exploiting your opponents weaknesses, it balances the odds, and more importantly, the chip stacks in your favor.

Also, the realistic aspect of playing poker needs to come into consideration.   People nowadays have jobs, families and other responsibilities that keep them from playing poker as much as they would like to.  This is where poker bots make your life more fulfilled.  I personally love allowing them to play the first 2-3 hours (during the boring parts of tournaments) and take over to crush the remaining field.  Sure I could probably play the entire tournament, but I too have a busy life and love the assistance the poker bot provides.

I also like putting the bots to action in the hours I am at work, or even when I go to sleep at night.  I am constantly curious on how they finished and can’t wait to check it out in the morning or when I get home from the job.  It’s a very exciting feeling when I see it place deep in a tournament and build my bankroll.

Most poker sites take a Laissez-faire approach to poker botting and I’m guessing its because poker bots can continuously play multiple tables at once, generating a surplus of rake and fees for the site.  This also provides for more tables to play on and more action for the players on the tables.   It has even been heard of that poker network sites start off their businesses by using poker bots to fuel the action.

So when it comes down to it, poker botting is good for you an also good for the community.   Yes you might be sore if our bot kicks your butt in poker, but when it comes down to the end of the day, poker bots are an absolute necessity in the online poker ecosystem and make the experience that much more tantalizing for everyone.

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