Custom Holdem Bot Consultation

Custom Poker Bot

We offer a custom poker bot and new support for some poker rooms. Upon multiple requests, we have added a Global Poker bot just recently. Our team has developed a PokerMaster bot along with a PPPoker bot that plays on an emulator for windows. The team’s end goal is to make sure the map is working on your system after development. Starting at $100/hr is what our services cost. For synergistic or larger projects, our services we offer discounts.

Custom Profile Development

Want a profile tweaked or some preflop ranges changed? We do remote support to work with you to make assist in modifying the strategy to fit how you like it to play! Service starts at $100/hr. Discounts apply for synergistic or larger projects.

Poker Bots for traffic on own Poker Site

Our team works with a handful of CEO’s while they open their new poker site and need some traffic. We offer bulk poker traffic bots to help fill up seats and create traffic on poker sites. This, in turn, will attract more players.  Email us at: [email protected] to request a quote and get more information.

Other Services

If you have other services that require anything poker bot related, please contact us with your ideas. We will provide you with a free consultation along with a proposal.

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Skype: [email protected]

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Check out our other poker bots in our store like our Global Poker bot .  Here is a list of our currently supported poker sites
Take a look at this short demo of our poker bot playing on PokerMaster