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We are here to help you win.

  • – Our poker bots assist and automatically play online poker
  • – Learn from watching them play
  • – Detects the poker table as soon as it appears on the screen
  • – Connects and starts playing automatically based on a powerful gaming model
  • – Uses primary actions such as folding, calling, raising, sitout, and much more
  • – This software can be used on over 30 online poker rooms (and growing) to play multiple tables at once
  • – Our bots are easy to set up (check out our “Getting Started” page) and can even start playing at the tables in under 5 minutes
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Our Poker Bots Work On The Following Poker Sites

Poker Site Network Table Sizes Supported Risk Level
AmericasCardRoom Winning 2/6/9 Very Low
Blackchip Poker Winning 2/6/9 Very Low
BetOnline Chico 6/9/10 Very Low
CoinPoker CoinPoker 4/6 Very Low
Global Poker Global 6/9 Very Low
Bwin/Bwin.fr/Bwin.it Party 6/9/10
mini size
Bodog Bodog 6/9/10 Low
Ignition Bodog 6/9/10 Low
Carbon Merge 2/6/9/10
mini size
PartyPoker/PartyPoker.fr IPoker 6/9/10
mini size
Winamax Winamax 3/5/6/8/9 Medium
888Poker/888Poker.es Pacific 2/6/8/9/10
mini size
Iron Poker IPoker 2/3/6/9 Medium
William Hill IPoker 2/3/6/9 Medium
Bet365 IPoker 2/3/6/9 Medium
Titan Poker IPoker  2/3/6/9 Medium

* All maps included with purchase of poker bot


online poker bot download

$199.99 Sale $119.99

The Kraken is our premiere poker bot. It can play tournaments, sitngos and 6 max cash games (all in one)!

Medusa poker bot software thumb image

$99.99 Sale $59.99

Medusa is a 6 max NL cash poker bot that freezes opponents actions by changing its style based on how they play to counteract them.

$99.99 Sale $59.99

This poker bot plays 6 max sngs and tournaments and takes advantage of the long term equity the fish provide.

Abaddon poker bot software thumb image

$149.99 Sale $89.99

Abaddon is tournament/sng poker bot designed to crush large field, mid to high stakes tournaments as well as 9-10 man sngs.

Features of Our Poker Bots

  • Comes fully loaded with all our table maps to play on over 30 poker sites
  • Easily modify existing poker bots, create your own, or use one of our ready to use, out of the box poker bots
  • Plays all games including MTT tournaments, sit and go’s, and cash games, double or nothing, etc. automatically for you
  • Reads opponent stats and computes opponent modeling from PokerTracker 4 and adjusts play accordingly
  • Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10 supported
  • Based off the popular Openholdem poker bot which is free with purchase
  • Allows multi-tabling and running several casinos on the same pc

“Devours Opponents One by One”

– Webber: Creator of WebMTTAgg Gen2 & Founder of PokerBot.com


I have been active in botting for over ten years. I became a customer of hydra poker bot a couple of months ago and have been blown away with the customer service and support! I got one on one install service and even after the install, the team has followed up with all issues to improve my bot platform. I highly recommend the hydra poker bot!!

Had a great score with Abaddon. Finished 3rd in a field of over 600 for a ROI of 1300%!! Great customer service and fantastic profiles!:)


I just got started with Open Holdem and my first bot/ profile was Pegasus. It lost the first 3 tourneys and now (25 and counting) has hit itm 50% of the time. It plays real solid and I am learning for my own game watching it. Great job, team!


Best tournament bot ever used, and really well coded. customer service is very good also and professional special thanks to Chris and Robert.


Advantages over our Competitors

Why choose our bot over the others? There are many factors that make our poker bot #1 on the market. Here are just a few…

What We Bring to the Table

  • Gaming Models are based on 5 years of development:  Starting in 2012, Webber developed the renowned WebMTTAgg Gen 2 and hasn’t stopped since!  We are constantly building new poker bots with new techniques and advanced strategies.
  • Built on a Framework Developed By Openholdem Community: With over 100 contributors, the Openholdem framework provides one of the most robust and feature rich poker botting toolset that you can find on the market today.
  • We bring a diversified team dedicated to providing you the best experience you can possibly have.
  • Endless Research & Development:   We are absolutely dedicated to developing the latest and the greatest.   We are here to dominate the poker botting sphere, and we won’t stop.
  • One on One Customer Support and Installation


Abaddon poker bot tournament graph 1

The Kraken

Phoenix tournament graph 1


Medusa poker bot 6 max cash graph 1