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We implement some strategies from websites such as www.upswingpoker.com and www.raiseyouredge.com. Our team consistently evaluates hands using software such as PT4 and Equilab. We continue to improve our Texas Hold’em bot each and every day. In conclusion, we continue to have a leg up on the competition.


Implemented with solid strategies, our bot is designed exclusively by human professionals. These out of the box profiles can be fully customized. We have 7 different bots that will play Texas Hold’em games such as: tournaments, sit and go’s, and cash tables.


We support over 30 poker rooms and growing every day! In addition, we will even support custom poker sites upon request. Play as many tables at a time as your system will allow. Apple devices can install it on a Virtual Machine with Windows.  Above all, one license is good for up to 3 computers at the same time.

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Had a great score with Abaddon. Finished 3rd in a field of over 600 for a ROI of 1300%!! Great customer service and fantastic profiles!:)


I have been active in botting for over ten years. Became a customer of a couple of months ago and have been blown away with the customer service and support! Getting one on one install service was amazing, and even after the install, the team has followed up with all issues to improve my bot platform. I highly recommend the hydra poker bot!!


I just got started with Open Holdem and my first bot/ profile was Pegasus. It lost the first 3 tourneys and now (25 and counting) has hit itm 50% of the time. It plays real solid and I am learning for my own game watching it. Great job, team!


This is the best tournament bot I have ever used, and really well coded. In addition, the customer service is also very good and professional.  In short, a special thanks to Robert.

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