Achilles Poker Bot

6-Max Cash

Designed to use poker site population tendencies, which allows this 6 max poker bot to maintain its advantage against online poker players

6 Max GTO poker bot
  • Uses GTO (Game Theory Optimal) strategy
  • Automatically detects type of table and implements the correct strategy
Achilles is a 6 max poker bot that plays cash games, with a GTO approach.  It measures SPR, effective stacks, and player balances to determine the best move.  Achilles also uses PT4 stats to adjust to each opponent accordingly.
It has been successfully tested on up to 100NL (0.50/1).

When combined with PokerTracker 4, this poker bot has a distinct advantage on exploiting different types of players.

– Steals when against tight vpip/3bet blinds
– Uses fold to 3bet stat to squeeze in the blinds against late loose raisers
– 3bets light against frequent steals
– Cbets when profitable using stats like fold to flop cbet and fold to turn cbet
– Calls down river bets when opponents went to showdown/won at showdown is poor.
– And lots more!

Great cash strategy!
Just want to say wow! Really appreicate the time spent helping set this up. Over the past 2 weeks I have watched the play of this software, and OMG it treats the opponents like babies! Can't say ty enough!!