Abaddon Poker Bot Profile

Sit & gos

Plays 6-max and 9-max sit & gos at a very high level.


Uses our Abaddon strategy to tackle multi-table tournaments.

Texas Holdem Poker Bot
  • Plays Mult-Table Tournaments.
  • Plays Single Table Sit & Gos
  • Automatically detects the table type and applies the correct strategy
  • License is good for 1 year and comes with free updates during that period.
  • Plays Mult-Table Tournaments.
  • Plays Single Table Sit & Gos
  • Automatically detects the table type and applies the correct strategy

Abaddon is a profile that plays an extremely smart small ball approach. It starts with big betting in the early stages to gather a good chip stack. It uses the Dan Harrington “M-Zone” Push/Fold strategy and calculates exact M-Zone stages to make the correct shove. This profile makes very intelligent bluffs, steals pots and blinds with high percentages, plays implied odds and set mines in the early stages and tends to steal pots and make good calls when opponents are allin based on their stacksize, you’re stacksize, and their range of pushing hands. In the mid to late stages it begins to switch gears and takes intelligent stealing opportunities. It also pushes using the same information making the profile in the lead on most showdowns. This is an excellent profile which a member took 1st in the FT Daily Double, and has recorded many other very successful prizes.

Advanced Customizable Features

– Preflop play before the bubble (Tight/Loose/Default)
– Stealing in Position (Tight/Loose/Default)
– HU play (Tight/Loose/Default)
– Shortstack Play (Tight/Loose/Default)
– Early Stage Post Flop Play (Aggressive/Passive/Default)
– Middle To Late Stage Post Flop Play (Aggressive/Passive/Default)
– Continuation Bet play (Aggressive/Passive/Default)

Big score with Abaddon!
Had a great score with Abaddon. Finished 3rd in a field of over 600 for a ROI of 1300%!! Great customer service and fantastic profiles!:)

Best tournament bot
best tournament bot ever used, and really well coded. customer service is very good also and professionnal special thanks to chris and robert.

Very solid Play
Had some realy good scores with abaddon. Of course it wont play perfect but it is very solid. Keep up the great work!

Proud owner of 4 bots, Abbadon included.
Joined my very first tournament with this one, Really the first one, It crushed thousands of people. Ending up in first place cashing over 400$ Can't go wrong with this one.

Very good profile
If you play tournaments this is the Bot, played only 8 low buy in MTTs and reached 2 final tables and 1 ITM, it has been improved from early version (negreanu), great customer service, special thanks to Robert

This profile has really impressive winning hands rate (%), and that is imo most important factor why it's winning much from tournaments. Abaddon is and always will be TOP 1 in my MTT profiles arsenal.