Poseidon Poker Bot

Sit & gos

Plays 8/9/10-max sit & gos at a very high level.

Sit n go poker bot
  • Plays 8-10 man Sit & Gos
  • Automatically detects the table type and applies the correct strategy
Poseidon is a 9-10 man sit and go poker bot. In the early stages of SNG’s, this poker bot will play premium hands. It will see cheap flops with any pair and suited connectors. This poker bot looks to get into cheap pots with the speculative hands. And get heads up with the premium hands. This enables Poseidon to double up when flopping big! In the middle stages it will start to loosen up. It will steal in prime positional spots. Post flop it will play aggressive. Poseidon slow plays when the best situations present themselves. And once blinds increase it becomes push/fold time. This profile pushes in +EV situations getting into the money more and making a higher ROI.