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6 Max GTO poker bot

This poker bot profile was named after the greatest of all the Greek warriors for a reason. It demolishes opponents! Achilles plays an entire GTO strategy. It is designed to make tough calls, play passive when having weaker hands, and much trickier when playing strong hands. This allows Achilles to make the most it can off of big hands and lose/win very little with weaker hands.

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Texas Holdem Poker Bot

Abaddon is a highly advanced poker bot profile that plays an extremely smart small ball approach. It starts with big betting in the early stages to gather a good chip stack. It uses the Dan Harrington “M-Zone” Push/Fold strategy and calculates exact M-Zone stages to make the correct shove. This profile makes very intelligent bluffs, steals pots and blinds with high percentages, plays implied odds and set mines in the early stages and tends to steal pots and make good calls when opponents are allin based on their stacksize, you’re stacksize, and their range of pushing hands. In the mid to late stages it begins to switch gears and takes intelligent stealing opportunities. It also pushes using the same information making the profile in the lead on most showdowns. This is an excellent profile which a member took 1st in the FT Daily Double, and has recorded many other very successful prizes.

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Jackpot Sit n Go poker bot

Pegasus is our Jackpot (Spins) 3-Max 300-500 chip poker bot profile. This new 3 player Winner take all game is becoming very popular due the prize pool being random. Sometimes paying out more than 100x the buyin. We use a strategy that uses an advanced push/fold algorithm which takes advantage of the long term equity the fish provide.

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Sit n go poker bot

Introducing a new generation of profile for the Shanky Bot. With “WebSng”, the user can just load the profile into the bot the way it is and let it play a very successful turbo sng style of poker. However, the true beauty to this profile is in the interchangeability. With just a change of a few lines at the top of each street, you can now change how the profile plays in different situations. Program the profile to play loose preflop, tight bubble, loose ITM. Or, Tight preflop, tight bubble, passive on the flop, aggressive on the turn and river. There are a ton of different styles this profile can be programmed to play!! Here is a list of categories that can be changed with a simple uncomment and comment of lines with more to come in the future…

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Omaha Poker Bot
Zeus 6-Max PLO Omaha Poker Bot Profile

Zeus is a PLO4 6 max Omaha poker bot profile that plays cash games, with a professional approach.  It measures SPR, effective stacks, and player balances to determine the best move.  When combined with PokerTracker 4, this poker bot has a distinct advantage on exploiting different types of players.