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Texas Holdem Custom Poker Bot
The Kraken is a combination of a highly advanced tournament/sng poker bot and a 6 Max Cash poker bot. This product uses the Master Class Abaddon Tournament strategy to play tournaments/sitngos and uses Achilles to play 6 max cash games (all in one)! Using advanced formulas like EV (EV = (%W * $W) – (%L * $L)) and Equity help this bot calculate the approximate probability of winning on every street. Unleash the Kraken and devour opponents one by one.
6 Max GTO poker bot

This poker bot was named after the greatest of all the Greek warriors for a reason. It demolishes opponents! Achilles plays an entire GTO strategy. It is designed to make tough calls, play passive when having weaker hands, and much trickier when playing strong hands. This allows Achilles to make the most it can off of big hands and lose/win very little with weaker hands.

Texas Holdem Poker Bot
Abaddon is a highly advanced tournament/sng poker bot designed to crush large field, mid to high stakes tournaments. This bot has been developed based off the Tournament Master class from It uses Game Theory Optimization (GTO) strategy to exploit standard opponents along with PokerTracker 4 stats. Abaddon knows when it’s profitable to open raise, 3bet, jam, rejam, etc., preflop along with proper continuation betting and values betting postflop.
Jackpot Sit n Go poker bot
Pegasus is our Jackpot (Spins) 3-Max 300-500 chip poker bot. This new 3 player Winner take all game is becoming very popular due the prize pool being random. Sometimes paying out more than 100x the buyin. We use a strategy that uses an advanced push/fold algorithm which takes advantage of the long term equity the fish provide.
Sit n go poker bot

Poseidon is a 9-10 man sit n go poker bot. In the early stages of the sit no go, this poker bot will play premium hands, and see cheap flops with any pair and suited connectors. It either looks to get into a multi-way cheap pot with the speculative hands, or get heads up with the premium hands. In the middle stages it will start to loosen up and steal in prime positional spots. Post flop it plays very aggressive. Once blinds increase it becomes push/fold time. This profile jams in +EV situations getting into the money more and making a higher ROI.

Omaha Poker Bot

Zeus is a PLO4 6 max Omaha poker bot that plays cash games, with a professional approach.  It measures SPR, effective stacks, and player balances to determine the best move.  When combined with PokerTracker 4, this poker bot has a distinct advantage on exploiting different types of players.

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