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Here you’ll know how to build the setup for our poker bots in a step by step way!

Poker Bot Stealth Setup

“Stealth” techniques are used to avoid being detected by casino software. This method can be applied for any casino, although most poker-rooms that we support are safe (indicated with “Low” security level on the main site page) and don’t need any special setup. However, some other casinos with High/Medium security level have been known to ban you if running the bot there naked.

Procedures described in this chapter are for experienced computer users. Of course, we will always support you and assist, but if you feel that you are not ready for this – please choose some safe poker room for your botting and don’t bother with complicated stuff.
Stealth setup steps:\

  • Rename all exe and dll files in bot (renamer tool included in bot folder)
  • Restrict bot folder from accessing by casino software
  • Configure bot settings, rename folder, change exe icon.

Rename all exe and dll files

Launch the renamertool.exe file and rename all your files to random names.

Restrict bot folder from accessing by casino software

Ok, now renaming is finished and casino software can’t detect anything suspicious in running programs (processes), but it still can search your HDD for bot-related files. So it’s wise to restrict your bot folder access.

The easiest way to achieve it is to create new user account, to run casino software. We will give it admin privileges, but will completely restrict access to the bot folder. So you will run your bot from your main admin account (like usual), and your poker client – from new account.

  • Go to Control Panel -> System and Security -> Administrative Tools -> Computer Management -> Local Users and Groups. Create new “Casino” user (name it as you want), give it some password (that never expires). If your poker client requires admin privileges to run, add “Administrators” to “Member of” tab (don’t do it unless it’s really necessary)
  • Open your bot folder properties -> Security tab. Add your new “Casino” user to the list of user names and deny access to this folder completely (only for this user of course)

Now, to run your poker client, right-click on its desktop shortcut, while holding your SHIFT button, and select “run as different user”. Then type your “Casino” username and password.

That’s it. Now your poker client can’t access bot folder.

Configure bot settings, rename folder, change .exe icon
Now for the final tweaks. Go to the bot preferences -> Stealth, and check “Simple main window title”. This is to hide the profile name from the bot window title. But remember, that the bot will still load the latest profile on each restart, despite you can’t see its name now.

Change “Mutex” and “Window class name” also – choose any strings you like. Close the bot.

Next step is to change the bot icon. This is for those cases, when the casino tries to make screenshot of your desktop to see what programs are running. We recommend free “Resource Hacker” utility for that:

This process is very simple: you just open your main .exe bot file inside Resource Hacker, then replace icon with any other (you can find it in other .exe file for example), then save .exe file.

Rename your bot folder to some other name, and create new shortcut on your desktop. It should be with your new icon and with your new bot name (can require a reboot after it).

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Replay Frames

If you see that the bot connects to table, but can’t recognize some essential data (cards, stacks, bets, blinds, dealer button, etc.) or recognizes it incorrectly, please do the following:
1) Make sure that the bot is connected and your table is clearly seen on the screen
2) Click “Edit -> Shoot replay frame” in the bot menu (do it for each situation you want to report)
3) Send bot\replay folder to and explain what happened. You can zip this folder before sending.

If the bot can’t even connect to the table, try this:
1) Make sure that your poker table is visible
2) Make sure you table maps are up to date:
3) Go to bot tools folder and run (ie: C:/Kraken/Tools/OpenReplayShooter.exe)
4) Pick your window(your poker table) to capture, click Start and wait a few seconds – it will collect a couple of replay frames in selected folder (C:\TMP by default)
5) Send C:\TMP folder (or another, if you changed it) to and explain what happened. You can zip this folder before sending.

Poker Bot Logs

After every hand, specific hand detail is logged in log files in the C:/bot/logs folder

It is very important to be able to analyze these logs, locate a specific hand, and see what line in the Formula editor told it to act a certain way.
Open a log file in Notepad (or better yet Notepad++) and search for the hand in question (Ctrl+F). Lets use AsKd as an example. It should bring you to the hand in question. Then scroll down a small way and search for the street you are in question about. Either (f$preflop, f$flop, f$turn, f$river) . Then next to that you will see a line number. Once you have the line number, launch the bot, and click Edit->Formula Editor. Then locate the street function on the left pane, and go to the line number from the log.

Proper Windows Settings

Last, please check to make sure we still support the site you are trying to use.  Check our list here